The Dozens

Episode 38: Stop Your Crying, Van Jones!

November 12th, 2020

Welcome to the thirty-eighth episode, family! Sorry for the wait, life happens, but we promise that this episode is worth the wait! The election is over, and Agent Orange is outta here, so no more energy for the politics for the rest of 2020, Lord willing! The Dozens Boys are back with the flagrant funky energy for all y'all, chefing up that beautiful ignant sauce for your eardrums, so tap in! In this all-new session of the pod, David and Aron talk about that swaggerless Tootsie Pop Pastor John Gray apologizing AGAIN, other pastors getting to the shenanigans, Van Jones' performative pandering ass, EBT shaming, short man energy in the dating world, and a host of other conversations.

If you enjoy the show, please tell-a-friend to tell-a-friend, because we got the sauce back this episode, sparking up that BIG OFFENSIVE FUNNY PACK. If ya didn't, hey, no hard feelings...we'll just pretend like this never happened. So go ahead and subscribe, drop a 5-star review, share with your peoples, and welcome to The Dozens.

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