The Dozens

Episode 57: Pancakes!

March 31st, 2021

What's good, family and friends? Episode 57 is here, and, yes, we do realize that we skipped Episode 56. You may be wondering "why? where did episode 56 go?". That's part of the beauty of life, some things are left to mystery, some things just are too absurd to be aired for public consumption, some recordings are so wildly flagrant and diabolical, that they must be banned to the Shadow Realm. Will we EVER release episode 56? Maybe, one day, when the world is ready for the absolute audio apocalypse to be unleased. Until then, we'll just keep that one in the tuck, in order to protect our future bags and to keep the names of the guilty from suffering their rightful judgement...for now.

Another week, another breezy and casual conversation from your two favorite real-life U OF H ALUMNI BANGING DOWN YOUR EARDRUMS WITH THAT 3RD WARD COOG SWAG! In this all-new session of the pod, Dallas Dave and A talk about trolls twerking on the devil, Tom Cruise's boy and his questionable phrasing, meme aggregators continuing to say nothing for profit, more Coog excellence, and some other conversations.

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