The Dozens

Episode 6: The Boys Are Back in Town

April 1st, 2020

Welcome to the sixth episode, y'all! Chances are good that you're stuck at home right now, fighting through onset cabin fever. All things considered, this could be a really depressing and trying time for so many, but we here at The Dozens are still here to serve you a heaping dose of that audio morphine to your cerebellum. Good news, we're back to kick it once again in the studio! In this all-new session of the pod, Aron and David get to chatting about holding it down during #CoronaMania2020, Tiger King taking the world by storm, IG Live bringing the party to the crib, and a host of other conversations. We are living through strange times, but we promised y'all this content to enjoy every Wednesday, so we're gonna give the people what they want. The pod can't stop, won't stop. Rest in power forever, Neighborhood Nip.

The link to the Tale of Toe-mecula can be found [here](

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