The Dozens

Episode 8: Where Are My Honey Buns?

April 19th, 2020

Welcome to the eighth episode, y'all! Look, we know. WE KNOW. It's been a long time...we shouldn't have left you...without a dope pod to step to. But honestly, the amount of tech issues with the first attempt would've been terrible to listen to. So, from us to you, we're sorry. But we here at The Dozens are still here doing what it do for y'all, because we love ya. In this all-new session of the pod, David and Aron talk about the Boris Kodjoe IG fiasco, the season premiere of Insecure, the upcoming MJ doc, and a host of other conversations. We know that we promised content to enjoy every Wednesday, and that today is absolutely NOT Wednesday, but it's better than missing a whole week. The pod will keep on keepin' on, tech issues be damned.

If you enjoy the show, please tell-a-friend to tell-a-friend, because Aron needs to be able to afford some more Honey Buns. If ya didn't, hey, no hard feelings...we'll just pretend like this never happened. So go ahead and subscribe, drop a 5-star review, share with your peoples, and welcome to The Dozens.

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